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Listing of all ways you can support the Ukrainian fighters

“Are there girls? [Laughs]”

“Yeah [Laughs]. May be, only Leshy has somewhere, some Baba Yaga, fuck knows. I have never seen. There are old grandmas, for fuck sake, in the villages, sitting in basements. I haven’t seen anyone else.”

“Why the fuck so?”

“All have been fucked and killed, for fuck sake. When we were surrendering Lyman, all were fucking massacred there, fucking khokhols. Raped them, Fucking cut them, shot them. Massacred, for fuck sake. In Lyman, in Torske, walked and just shot everyone, for fuck sake. Took all the the fucking younger men and women, these young women – Fucked all, cut them and fucking shot them.”

– Phone call, russian soldier to russian soldier.

What if it was your sister or daughter? Can you imagine their fear and agony? Raped, treated like dirt and then murdered. 

These scum have to pay. 

Find something from the lists beneath and support the Ukrainian fighters. We have tried to list all there is. Direct funding, items they need and more. 

Help them. They have to bear a lot. 

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Types of support to Ukrainian Troops

The following are the different ways to support the Ukrainian troops and army:

  • Sending money direct to the fighting troops in Ukraine. 
  • Sending money to organisations that buy equipment to the Ukrainina fighting troops.
  • Buying  equipment and sending it to the Ukrainain troops.

Compiled list of funding options

The different ways to support he Ukrainian freedom fighters

Three ways of support to the Ukrainian freedom fighters.

List - Sending money direct to Ukranian troops

Here we have tried to collect all the direct money transfer ways to support the troops fighting for Ukraine.  

1. To the Ukrainian Armed Forces via Ukraine National Bank (NBU)

You can transfer money directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine via the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). They have collaborated with the Privatbank and the transfer can be done either with a payment card or via a bank transfer. The money will immediately be available in the fundraising account. 

The following link will take you to the NBU site and you can follow the links there:

The following link also lets you choose to send money to three different categories via the NBU: 

  • Defense and Demining
  • Medical Aid
  • Rebuild Ukraine
How to transfer money direct to the Ukraine Armed Forces via the National Bank of Ukraine

Screenshot of the direct transfer options for the Ukraine Armed Forces described at the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). Direct link:

Transfer money to Ukrain Defense and Demining, Medical Aid or Rebuild Ukraine via UNITED24

Screenshot of the second direct money transfer option to the Ukrainian Defence troops, but you can also choose to give to Medical Aid or to the Rebuilding of Ukraine. Direct link:

List of organisations buying gear to the Ukrainian fighters

Here we will list the organisations you can support with money that then buy or build the following for the Ukrainian fighters:

  • Protective gear
  • Fighting Drones
  • Fighting and Survaliance drones

Protective gear for the fighters

1. Via

You can also donate via the website which are created by Ukrainian volunteers. 

They colaborate with Navigator UA Nonprofit and use the money to buy protective equipment for the fighters. 

They buy direct from US stores. Here you can also use crypto to donate. They get requests directly from the Ukrainian fighters. The things they buy for them are medical aid, protection gear send it direct over the border to the figthers hands.

You can donate via:

An amazing organization helping the fighters a lot. 

Drones for combat

2. Charity Starlife Organisation for Kryla Military Intelligence Division

You can help fund a first-person view (FBV) kamikaze drone project used in direct attacking russian military hardware. 

It is a public-funded FPV drone project and the building and assembly of the drones is done in Ukraine. The builder and project leader is the Kryla Military Intelligence Division, which is a specialized section of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense.

Funding comes via the Charity Starlife Organisation which also helped to fund other projects in Ukraine (

The Kryla Military Intelligence Division has the aim to use the money to build at least 1000 of these FPV Kamikaze drones

The drones cost about 200 USD to manufacture and their range is up to 10 km. It all depends on the payload of course. The payload often uses is an 85mm PG-7V (RPG-7 variant) warhead, which detonates upon impact on the military vehicle. See picture beneath for layout. 

You can see their use in action here: 

You can also see their layout and use here:

You can go here to pay and support their project and help the removal of the rapers and murderers:


How to support the ukrainian forces through paying for their FPV Kamikaze or survalience drones DJI and Autel

Pictures of the layout and in action use of the special Kamikaze FPV drones built by Ukraine and which you can hel fund. You can fund them here:

3. - REHI LIFT99 & 69th Sniffing Brigade
- Ukrainian build finghting drones

You can also go and support REHI and LIFT99 & 69th Sniffing Brigade which builds drones in Ukraina. 

Via the excellent Youtube channel “Artur Rehi” you can use the link and donate direct to drown builders in Ukraine:

They are now building two advanced drones that you can help to sponsor. 

Here you can see how the drones look. The large one can be reused over 100 times and drops bombs and can fly 10km.

3. - REHI LIFT99 & 69th Sniffing Brigade - Ukrainian build finghting drones

This is the Youtube channel and where Artur Rehi talks about the drones and tell what you will give to:

Drones for survaliance and combat


The Drones for Ukraine project is another way to provide the Ukrainian fighters. They use the money buying for other commercial drones such as DJI Mavic 3 and Autel Evo 2 that are used in combat. You can see the project here:

You can donate via PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or via card payment. 


This is their direct PayPal link:

So far, they have been able to buy +250 drones from their received donations. 

When you support them with more than 1000 USD you will also get back a piece of a downed Russian fighter jet or helicopter (Su-34, Mi-24, or Ka-52) as a keychain.


List of gear the Ukrainian fighters want

Here we list the gear that Ukrainian fighters want. We have focused more on direct gear than general tear and wear things such as glows or like. 

Benefits with sending gear yourself is that you stand for the labor cost and the shipping too. The equipment will reach the specific receiver. You also jump any corruption that can occur.   

We list in the following way:

  • What fighting gear the fighters want
  • Where to get the gear
  • To where and how you will send the gear


Buying Drones for Ukrainian Fighters

Drones are of great use for Ukrainian fighters. There are three types used: 

  • Combat drones
  • Survaliance and combat
  • Survaliance drones

We list the best ones to send beneath. 

Things to consider for buying a a good combat drone to the fighters:

  • High camera resolution and zoom
  • Long battery/flight time (flight endurance)
  • Far-reaching control (transmission range) – meaning the distance between the control and the drone 
  • Drop/carrying function – some type of grip and release function under the drone for the release of grenades or equipment. 

Prefered drones by the Ukrainian fighters

As described above the support the fighters with with two types of drones:

  • DJI Mavic 3
  • Autel Evo 2

1. DJI Mavic 3

On widely used surveillance drone for the Ukrainian fighters today. Another one would be a step closer to victory and pease. 

The features of DJI Mavic 3:

  • Price: 1 999 €
  • 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
  • 46 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 15km Max Transmission Range
  • Advanced Return to Home
DJI Mavic
Price: 1999 USD

Short description:
Surveillance drone with circa 45 minutes flight time over a distance of maximum 15 km.  Chinease brand.

*We are currently not using any affiliate marketing here. 

DJI Mavic 3 drones used in Ukraina for wining the war against Russia - read on

DJI Mavic 3 in Ukraine used by the Ukrainian freedom fighters against invading fascist Russia. 

2. Autel Evo 2

One of many variants in the Autel Robotics drone pole. The Autel Evo 2 comes in an orange color that may be easy for the enemy to detect so that maybe need to be changed first. 

The features of EVO II Pro 6K (V2) Rugged Bundle: 

  • Price: $2,500.00
  • A leader in picture quality and flight intelligence.
  • Autel Robotics’ first 6K folding drone
  • Supporting video resolutions up to 6K with greater dynamic range.
  • 40 minutes of flight time.
  • Adjustable aperture range of f2.8 to f11 and a maximum ISO of 12,800.
  • 360° obstacle avoidance with 19 groups of sensors.
  • 6K Ultra HD
  • 1″Sensor
  • Hyper-light feature
  • 10-BIT HDR
  • 9KM Transmission Range
  • 3x Lossless
  • Dynamic Track 2.0
Autel EVO II Pro 6K
Price: 2500 USD

Short description:
Surveillance (6K Ultra HD) drone with circa 40 minutes flight time over a distance of maximum 9 km. Chinese brand.

Autel Robotics drones used in Ukraine by the UAF heros read at on how to support the Ukrainan fighters

Autel Robotics drone Evo II in in the hands of the Ukraine freedom fighters. 

Here is a good article about US made drones that you can get if you don’t wish to support China:

3. An US drone - UAVAmerica Eagle FX

UAV America, a US drone-producing company, has a few drones that may fit the Ukranian fighters. However, the website has no prices, so you must ask for a quote. 

One of the main benefits of their drones is that they state they have “limited exposure to cyber vulnerabilities” and can work without interference. 

Their Eagle FX drone posesses some great features:

  • Long Flight Times – Average 45 Minutes
  • The Toughest Lightest Frame Available
  • Uses Common 6 Cell Batteries
  • Extremely Compact When Folded
  • Accepts Most Common Gimbals
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Price: Unknown

Short description:
Drone with different great camera options, 45 minutes flight time and made in the USA. 

Eagle FX from UAV America with optons for being sent to Ukraine -

UAV Americas Eagle FX drone that would come to great use for the Ukrainian fighters. 

Sending bought gear to Ukraine - To whom and where

One option is to send the fighting gear direct to a operating unit i Ukraine and then let them use the gear or distribute it. Beneath some of these are listed for drones or other gear. 

Receivers and users of drone gear

1. Skala battalion

The Skala battalion is a Ukrainian military intelligence volunteer unit. It assaults enemy positions using aerial drones for hunting Russian soldiers. It has worked with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade. They are highly motivated and look for targets that then are reported in and attacked with artillery ( They have been operating in Bakhmut. 

This is their official Instagram page:

It is the only contact channel we have found for them currently. If you know any other way or have any other specific drone receiver to recommend, please write it in the comments below. 

2. Kraken Regiment

Kraken Regiment

3. 67th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)


67th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)


As of 2023, the brigade’s structure is as follows:[3]


67th Separate Mechanized Brigade

Headquarters & Headquarters Company

1st Mechanized Battalion DaVinci Wolves

2nd Mechanized Battalion

3rd Rifle Battalion

Tank Battalion

Artillery Group

Regimental HQ and Target Acquisition Battery

Anti-Aircraft Defense Battalion

Reconnaissance Company

Combat Engineer Battalion

Logistic Battalion

Signal Company

Maintenance Battalion

Radar Company

Medical Company

CBRN defense Company


4. Via the Ukranian pilot and Youtuber Denys Davydov

The Ukrainian pilot and Youtuber Denys Davydov produces a daily summary of the battlefront on his Youtube channel ( He has previously collected funds for drones or drones for the battlefront and knows where to send them. He is an option for direct guiding a shipment of drones or other fighting gear for the Ukrainian heroes. 

You can contact him via his Telegram channel @denysdavydov

Deducting fighting gear donations to Ukraine as an LLC or other company

Are purchases by an LLC or company tax deductible if the item is donated to Ukraine? What does the law say? 


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