Match Group - Stock investment value and trend 2019-2024

What we look at for investing in a company used to analyse Match Group. Match Group is the largest owner or investor in dating services such as Tinder, Hinge and Match. Is Match Group a good investment and what does the trend say. We look into the reports from 2019 to 2024 here and update quarterly. 

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Money/assets in the company over time, fixed and liquid – quarters, as long back as possible in graph. 

Cash flow in the company per quarter – negative, positive and the total liquid assets to use to cover for the negative. 

This compared to the stock value

Market future and size of the market per time –  

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Q1 2024:
Q4 2023:
Q3 2023:

Q2 2023:

Q1 2023:

Q4 2022:

Q3 2022:

Q2 2022:

Q1 2022:

Q4 2021:

Q3 2021:

Q2 2021:

Q1 2021:

Q4 2020: 

Q3 2020:

Q2 2020:

Q1 2020:

Q4 2019:

Q3 2019:

Q2 2019:

Q1 2019:


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